Dub Wheelers

South Belfast based leisure cycling group

The Dub Wheelers could best be described as a friendly group of  enthusiastic cyclists who began life in August 2007. We started from members of The Dub Runners.  Originally members saw through cycling a definitive means of cross-training, or indeed as a alternative training regime in times of athletic injury. These days we are more about the cycling and the scenery.

We are a small group with an enjoyment of two wheels.  At the outset, cycling experience was minimal and bikes were of the hybrid variety, but dedication and effort throughout the winter months of proved beneficial. Bikes and kit was upgraded, these days it's Lycra and road bikes.

The group is affiliated to the Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC), now re-branded Cycling UK. This allow our members affiliated Cycling UK membership which includes 3rd party insurance. Some members hold membership of other clubs and Cycling Ireland  or triathlon licenses.

Our normal meetings take place in Cutter's Wharf/Boat Club car park every Saturday morning @ 10.30am (weather permitting) - average mileage 40-70 depending on time of year etc.

Newcomers are most welcome to join in for the crack. Contact us form at bottom of page.

R.I.P. Gerry, our friend, now a Silent Key.